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Episode 64: Allowing Your Soul to Shine With Carrie Myers

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola is in conversation with unbound author and poet Carrie Myers.

In 2020, Carrie was part of the Unbound Press’ collaborative book #2020 Vision: Unbound Perspective from a Year Like No Other. Her gorgeous poem closed the book. And now she's the lead author in a brand new collaborative book (that YOU can be part of!)

In this Episode:

  • Holding back, people-pleasing and dimming your light

  • Following the good girl path

  • Remembering who you’re meant to be

  • Setting a standard for yourself

  • Knowing you are more than enough

Carrie is in the process of creating another collaborative book with the Unbound Press – Soul Shine. Find out about contributing here.

Links Mentioned:

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The Unbound Writing Mastermind

Book a chat with Nicola here.

Connect with Carrie on her website or Instagram.

Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here.

Music Credit: Joseph McDade

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