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Episode 61: Pleasure Talk with Anna Sansom, Natalie Farrell and Sarah Wheeler

In this episode of Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola is in conversation with a panel of authors from the Unbound Press – Natalie Farrell, Anna Sansom and Sarah Wheeler. These unbound women explore the subject of pleasure – one of the principles of living unbound.

In this Episode:

  • Allowing pleasure to be your compass

  • Receiving pleasure from the experience of writing

  • Childhood memories of pleasure

  • Traditional gender stereotypes

  • Being productive and in a state of pleasure

  • Being shamed for pleasure

  • Prioritising pleasure, pleasure habits, and pockets of pleasure

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Natalie on Instagram.

Connect with Anna on her website, and also here for a pleasure-related course Anna is launching.

Connect with Sarah on her website.

Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here.

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