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Episode 21: Cyclical Creativity with Ali Roe

This week, we are continuing on the theme of harnessing the power of your cyclical nature when it comes to your writing and your creativity, and also your life in general. This week I have another guest and Unbound writer Ali Roe. Ali is the founder of Ali Roe Creative; she has been a member of the Unbound writing mastermind, a writer and visual artist. Creativity is really baked into everything that Ali does and how she shows up in the world.

In this episode: - The cyclical nature of creativity - How Ali discovered personal ways to honour her cyclical nature - The link between burnout and overriding your creative needs - Unbinding yourself from the pressure of linear living and working - What working unbound means to Ali - The transformative nature of cycles and seasons - Harnessing cyclical power and creativity Links Mentioned: The Unbound Writing Mastermind UNBOUND Writing book Connect with Ali on her website here. Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here.

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