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Episode 18: Behind the Scenes of Nicola's New Book: 'UNBOUND Writing'

In this Episode, Nicola takes us behind the scenes of her new book, 'UNBOUND Writing'.

Unbound Writing is released on October 1st, and it's all about how to write the transformational book that you are really here to write at this specific time. "I think the key is always to get out of our heads as much as possible and come into the knowing of our bodies". In this Episode: - How Nicola came to write UNBOUND Writing - The journey from writing UNBOUND, to starting The UNBOUND Press, to this book coming into the world - How Nicola had to live the book to write it - How the live UNBOUND Masterminds and this podcast informed the book - The radical self trust needed to write a transformational book - How Nicola is launching the book "I really feel like this is something that happens when you write a book, you anchor more deeply into your unique magic and your unique gifts." Links Mentioned: The Unbound Writing Mastermind UNBOUND Writing book Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here.

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