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Episode 169: Rekindling Your Story with Ceryn Rowntree

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola’s in conversation with magical human Ceryn Rowntree, talking about her recently announced course, Rekindling Your Story. Join us as we dive into what to expect from the transformational 10-week programme.

In this Episode:

  • Writing because it ignites something in you

  • The courage Ceryn had as a child and young woman to just write

  • The world does such a good job of binding our writing and us

  • Marrying feminism and Goddess mythology

  • Looking at stories through a divine feminist lens

  • Allowing yourself to take up space

  • Looking at the psychological side of things

  • The opposite of patriarchy is sisterhood

  • Sharing insights from a place of all being in it together (not a place of preaching)

  • Your story is enough, however big or small

  • Reclaiming the role of narrator, guardian and keeper of your story

  • Who does Ceryn imagine Rekindling Your Story is for?

  • Being the unbound version of yourself

  • Sharing, owning and celebrating your story

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Connect with Ceryn Rowntree on her website or Instagram, and sign up to Rekindling Your Story here.

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