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Episode 161: 3 things to focus on at the start of your book-writing journey

Nicola kicks off a new three-part series this week, focusing on the stages of writing a book: how to get started, what to think about in the middle, and what to focus on when you’re bringing everything together and moving towards completion. What she covers is actually the core content for her brand new group programme: Birth Your Transformational Book (link below). This episode is very much about the beginning stage.

In this Episode:

  • Specific (and powerful) things to focus on

  • Cultivating a dedicated writing practice

  • Conceiving the book that wants to be birthed through you

  • Your book wants to co-create with you

  • Getting clear on your purpose – your why

  • If you're feeling a call to write a book, there's a reason for that

  • What key messages and learnings have you experienced?

Links Mentioned:

Want to carve out time for your writing? Join The Unbound Writer's Club Membership

Ready to commit to your book and complete it over the next 12 months? Join the Birth Your Transformational Book group programme

Find out more about our Done-For-You Publishing Packages at The Unbound Press

Want to get a taste of the Unbound Writing community? Join Nicola's free ‘Get Book Ready’ Facebook Group

Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook.

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