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Episode 149: Wake Up Your Dragon with Anna Sansom

Updated: Oct 6

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola’s in conversation with inspirational and playful author Anna Sansom about her recently birthed creation: Wake Up Your Dragon (and reclaim your power in midlife)– a little book of hope and uplift for folks going through menopause. It’s a quick and easy read – with pictures – but also super powerful.

In this Episode:

  • Playing, experimenting and going off in different directions

  • What inspired Anna to create Wake Up Your Dragon?

  • Allowing things to emerge and happen on their own timeline

  • Inner knowing and remembrance

  • Finding your dragon and reclaiming your fire

  • Being witnessed, understood, and not feeling alone

  • How has navigating midlife perimenopause influenced Anna’s writing?

  • Retaining your desire for desire

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Music Credit: Joseph McDade

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