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Episode 141: A Wild Adventure on the Big C with Anna Bromley

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola’s in conversation with inspirational author Anna Bromley about her recently released book, ‘A Wild Adventure on the Big C: My Journey of Natural Healing for Cancer’. We’re deeply honoured to be part of this wise and evocative book.

In this Episode:

  • Anna’s courageous journey

  • How did Anna’s book evolve?

  • What fears bubbled up for Anna?

  • Walking a self-sovereign path

  • How did Anna come up with the title for her book?

Links Mentioned:

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28 giu 2023

Hey Anna, your journey and book sound amazing, I am so looking forward to reading 'A Wild Adventure on the Big C', huge congratulations to you dear sister.🕸️

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