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Episode 14: How to Write As Your UNBOUND Sexual Self with Anna Sansom

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

In this episode, Nicola speaks to Unbound Press author Anna Sansom. Anna's book, Desire Lines, was published in 2019 by The UNBOUND Press. Anna's book is incredibly powerful in many ways, and her writing process through the lens of pleasure is such a deep and fascinating topic. In this Episode: - How Anna started writing erotica - How she explored her own sexuality through writing - Why Anna is passionate about women giving themselves permission to explore their sexual selves and their desires - The three audiences for erotica; yourself, your lover/partner, and a wider audience - How living UNBOUND and your writing as your sexual self are so closely linked - How we discover ourselves through our writing, and how that applies to pleasure and sexuality - How infusing our writing with pleasure and being in our body infuses work with a whole new UNBOUND layer of alchemy

Links Mentioned: Anna's book, Desire Lines. Connect with Anna on her website, and on Instagram

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