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Episode 126: Juicy snippets from our Bring Your Book to Life Micro Audio Summit

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola talks about our Bring Your Book to Life Micro Audio Summit – a collection of content-rich interviews with a selection of magical unbound creatrixes. The free event launches on February 23rd – sign up for access to all the interviews here (registration is open until Sunday, February 26th). During the podcast episode, Nicola offers you a sneak peek of Bring Your Book to Life, by sharing short nuggets of each interview.

In this Episode:

  • Creating a writing practice that feels amazing for you by working with the Seasons of Creation and colour, with Tara Jackson.

  • Conceiving the most powerful idea for the book you're really here to write, with Nicola Humber and Jo Gifford.

  • How to move through fears that can bubble up around sharing your story, with Dr Sarah Coxon.

  • Harnessing the power of community and intuition, and self-publishing vs. traditional, with Kate Taylor.

  • Things to be aware of when it comes to book design, to ensure the visuals match the brilliance of the content, with Leah Kent.

  • Crowdfunding your book and building an audience at the same time, with Victoria Bennett and Charmaine Hammond.

  • The power of tricking yourself into marketing by creating a newsletter, with Amber Petty.

Links Mentioned:

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