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Episode 12: Jo Gifford on UNBOUND Writing, Abundance, & Brilliance

UNBOUND books arrive in many different ways, and each author has their own process as they allow their book to come through. In this episode, Nicola talks to Jo Gifford, who is both an author with The UNBOUND Press, and a team member behind the scenes. In this episode:

  • How writing isn’t as you imagine it to be

  • How Jo’s books arrived for her and what being an UNBOUND writer means 

  • How Jo made time for her books around busy projects

  • How Brilliance Unboxed made it’s impact in the world

  • How book #3 arrived, and how it appeared 

  • How the UNBOUND Mastermind helped Jo in her process

  • How the book made itself known to Jo

  • How the book changed Jo’s life as she lived it

  • How the book unfolded with ease

  • How joy finds abundance through human connection

  • How Jo started a group and created an energetic space intuitively and away from the noise

Links Mentioned: The Unbound Writing Mastermind Jo's book, Brilliance Unboxed Connect Your Brilliance (Jo's group) Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here. Connect with Jo on Instagram, her website, or via email. Music Credit: Joseph McDade

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