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Episode 109 - Birthing Through The New In Changing Times With Debra Kilby

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola’s in conversation with unbound author Debra Kilby. Debra’s powerful book ‘Rosa's Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother’ offers a behind-the-scenes peek into life before life, revealing the choices made by spirit babies. This book is not only for women on their journey to motherhood, but for all those whose role it is to support them, their babies and Mother Earth herself.

In this Episode:

  • Rosa’s Choice: a book about creation itself

  • The process of bringing everything into balance

  • Fear of the feminine

  • Responsibility and blame

  • Not listening to the narratives around you

  • The controlling of women's choices

  • The idea of a spiritual fertility clinic

Links Mentioned:

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