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Episode 100: Wild Currents with Jo Gifford

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola’s in conversation with unbound author Jo Gifford. Jo’s magical book ‘Wild Currents: Poems On The Transformative Power of Water in Turbulent Times’ was released into the world on July 30th. It’s Jo’s story of how wild swimming saved her from heartbreak, grief and chronic pain.

In this Episode:

  • How did Wild Currents come to be?

  • Jo’s need to be near water

  • The feral urge to strip off and get in the river

  • Wild swimming as part of your spiritual practice

  • The deeply transformative experience of cold water

  • Why do we resist soul-aligned ideas?

  • Self-doubt about your book

Links Mentioned:

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The Unbound Writing Mastermind

The Unbound Writer’s Club membership

Nicola’s free ‘connecting with your book’ visualisation

The Unbound Press Book Club

The Unbound Book Incubator will be running again in September.

Book a chat with Nicola here.

Connect with Jo on Instagram or via her website.

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Music Credit: Joseph McDade

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