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Elizabeth Nguyen signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are so excited to announce that Elizabeth Nguyen has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her first book, Pacific Colors.

Elizabeth is a Vietnamese-American writer with her roots in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, whose family and ancestors are from Vietnam. She was born and raised in Hawaii, and has lived most of her adult life in Northern California. Elizabeth is a multidimensional psychiatrist and a Water Keeper devoted to the work of healing the human relationship to the natural world.

Pacific Colors is the story of a Vietnamese-American family's journey of leaving their motherland and settling new roots on the shores of Hawaii. It follows a family’s journey of navigating their adolescent daughter’s mental health in a new land and a new culture, while still processing the grief and loss of leaving behind their ties to the old land and culture. It is a story of finding one’s identity in a shifting landscape of tradition, heritage and culture, and the power of art, water, and the natural world to heal.

Of the inspiration behind and the intention for Pacific Colors, Elizabeth says:

“There is so much trauma and healing in the human ancestral lineages, and water and nature help support us in becoming whole and natural again. This book is my love offering to the land and the people of Vietnam and Hawaii, and the vast Pacific Ocean that connects them. It is my hope that it provides beauty and healing to the trauma and suffering that has come through generations of loss and the struggles of mental illness.”

The Unbound Press has tingles at being involved in the birth of this exquisite and moving work of fiction, and we can’t wait for the book to be shared with the world!

You can find out more about Elizabeth and her work using the details below:

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