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Ceryn Rowntree signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are delighted to announce that Ceryn Rowntree has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her upcoming book, The Divine Feminist.

After years of burnout from working and living too hard in a desperate attempt to prove her worth, Ceryn was brought back to her body by a call from the Goddess. What followed was a deep dive into what Ceryn has come to call Divine Feminism; the deep, ancient and embodied knowing of how beautiful and balanced our societies were before patriarchy took hold and changed the way we see ourselves and the whole world. Having trained as a Therapist years before, she began to realise that increasingly the clients she was working with were women who had suffered the effects of that imbalance, and Ceryn made it her mission in life to support them in finding a way back to themselves and to a place of true sacred balance.

The Divine Feminist is an exploration of the various dualities that exist within our world and the ways in which all things on the "feminine" side of the spectrum have come to be considered as less than. It is an invitation to the reader to reconnect with themselves and redress the balance of these things within their own lives in order to remember the true power and beauty that existed within them all along, long before the world told them otherwise. It is aimed predominantly at those who identify as women and have suffered abuse, burnout, persecution and criticism at the hands of patriarchal forces. Feeling this deeply.

The Unbound Press are excited to be working with Ceryn to bring this book into the world as it totally aligns with our vision to do our part in helping bring the world back into balance!

Find out more about Ceryn and her work at:

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