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Carolyn Creel, ‘The Clairvoyant Cleaner,’ signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are thrilled to announce that author and super successful businesswoman and psychic, Carolyn Creel, has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her second book, The CLEAR Method – Declutter Your Life.

A psychic medium, spiritual coach & author of How To Be Your Own Medium: A Guide to Contacting Your Loved Ones in the Spirit World, Carolyn has helped thousands of clients find peace and healing. She also has a multimillion-pound commercial cleaning company which she has run for 20 years.

Of her upcoming book, Carolyn says:

“This little book is the equivalent of you and me having a cup of Tetley's tea, and sitting down for a chat about changing your space, your energy, and your life. You will find that I say things as they are. I am an old bird, and a Yorkshire old bird, at that.

So, any notions of floaty kaftans, wind chimes, and waft - forget it. I am “woo”, yes, absolutely - I don’t think you can call yourself a clairvoyant cleaner, talk to spirit and not be woo, can you? But, I am definitely one woo, not two. I have my feet on the earth, and you’ll find I am a straight-talking, no fluff, Northern businesswoman who happens to be an expert in cleaning; cleaning offices in one business, and cleaning energy fields in another.”

She helps all sorts of people - believers and non-believers - talk to loved ones who have passed away. She also believes anyone can talk to Spirit, provided they are willing to tap into their psychic powers and practice using their intuition.

Carolyn felt called to write this book when she realised that the work she was doing with clients in both of her businesses had become a blend. That to access our intuition and inner knowing we need to CLEAR ourselves, physically, emotionally & spiritually; and so, the CLEAR Method came into being.

The Unbound Press is so delighted to be a part of the birth of Carolyn’s down-to-earth, practical, grounded (and bossy) book, and we know that it will bring clarity, sage advice and empowerment to its readers!

You can find out more about Carolyn’s work here: and follow her journey on Instagram here: @carolynspiritual

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