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Caroline Britton publishes her first book with The Unbound Press

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Caroline Britton has published her first book, Coming Home To You: How to live a more connected, magical, and authentic life, with The Unbound Press.

Coming Home To You isn't just any book - it's a guide, here to gently nudge you back to yourself. It's inspiration for times when you can't find your way. And it's a hand to hold when you feel disconnected from your true self, to help you come home to you.

With beautifully inspired illustrations, practical advice, exercises, and wisdom, this book covers everything you need to live a more connected, magical, and authentic life.

Caroline Britton is a global speaker, teacher, coach, mentor, healer and intuitive guide, and an expert in helping people connect back to their soul. She delivers her powerful teachings through a combination of online courses, private coaching and speaking events and works with a variety of clients from sports professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, healers, working professionals, parents and those in the public eye.

The Unbound Press are over the moon to have worked with Caroline on this amazing book, and we are thrilled that the wise magic it contains is now going to be shared with the world!

Coming Home To You is available now here in the UK or here in the US, or anywhere you can buy your books online.

You can find out more about Caroline and her work using the details below:

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