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Announcing the Unbound Book Club!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of The Unbound Book Club.

This is our very own community that combines readers, authors, and our team here at UNBOUND as one big, magical book-led family. Our intention is to build our community, and to go deeper with the books that have come through The UNBOUND Press, and the authors that birthed them.

You can expect all kinds of juicy magic in your inbox from us:

  • Monthly book clubs and author led discussions

  • Subscriber-only behind the scenes content, writing prompts, and news

  • VIP and priority access to all events, challenges, and opportunities at The UNBOUND Press.

Emails will go out in sync with the new moon (of course!), and will be a monthly round-up with book club prompts, information on the accompanying lives and interviews with authors, plus much more. To join us, sign up below:

Nicola x

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