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Anna Bromley signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are SO delighted to announce that Anna Bromley has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her latest book, A Wild Adventure on the Big C: My Journey of Natural Healing for Cancer.

In July 2017, Anna received the devastating news that she had stage 3 breast cancer. This book is the story of how she healed herself without conventional medicine – gently, beautifully, magically and very quickly – within five months of her diagnosis. She shares more about the book below:

‘Dreams can save your life,’ says Anna. ‘I believe they saved mine.’

‘I am terrified of the conventional approach to healing breast cancer, which would have meant a mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, in my case. So I decided to seek ways to heal myself naturally through diet, herbs and alternative therapies, including shamanic healing, kinesiology and dreamwork. I discovered that, when healing cancer, you have to get to the root cause, including the spiritual and emotional causes of the disease. During this time I had some extraordinary dreams, and met a guide who gave me precise information about how to heal myself.

My message for the world is that healing cancer does not have to be a horrific ordeal of surgery, toxic chemicals and radiotherapy. My own healing journey has been one of exquisite beauty, wild adventure, love and blessings.

And it’s not just about cancer… My healing journey brought me to a place of Self-Sovereignty. It’s about the steps you need to take to lead a healed life. The techniques can also be applied to finding healing for other conditions that don’t respond well to conventional medicine.

My book is all about how I reframed my cancer healing to a hero’s journey of transformation. I describe how I moved from feeling like a victim of a hostile Universe where bad things happened to me, into a place of self-empowerment. I came home from that journey, not only with a healthier immune system, but also with a healthier mind and a knowing that I am the Mistress of my own Destiny. I can create whatever I want in my life, including vibrant good health, abundance and joy.

This book provides a toolkit of the techniques I used to guide me; for others to use on their own personal healing journey. If you are looking for inspiration for your own healing and how to connect with guidance on what foods, treatments and emotional and spiritual healing would suit you best, this book will be really helpful for you. Or if you are supporting a loved one through their healing journey and you want to find nourishing natural ways to help them and sprinkle some inspiration and magic into their lives, then you might enjoy this book.’

The Unbound Press is deeply honoured to be a part of the birth of this wise and evocative book, and we know that it will find its way to those who are seeking its medicine at exactly the right time.

About Anna

Anna is a Mother, a Shamanic Teacher and Healer, an Active Dreamwork Teacher, a journeyer between the Worlds. She is also an author, a wordsmith, a writing coach and an editor.

She is experienced in all the core techniques of shamanism, very skilled at shamanic journeying with her guides to find information to help you on your soul’s journey. She can connect you with your guides and power animals. She can help you recover parts of your soul that may have gone away through trauma. She can help you by extracting energy intrusions, or with house healing or psychopomp. As an Active Dreamwork Teacher, she can help you to make sense of your dreams, and show you how to use your dreams for your healing and inspiration. Anna has wide ranging experience of many alternative healing modalities, including Shiatsu, Reiki, Kinesiology, Homeopathy and Herbs. She brings this wisdom into her shamanic healing work.

As well as her magical nature, she has a scientific background, with a degree in biochemistry and many years’ experience in the medical equipment industry both in R&D and publishing.

Anna lives in the Black Mountains of Herefordshire, UK; with her husband Bill, her daughter Phoebe, and her pets, Mr Reggie Bonbons (aka Agent Fluff) and her Springador, Holly. This is Anna’s second book, her first being Wild Animals and Wedding Outfits: A voyage of self-discovery around the world with Bill, prior to getting married.

You can read more about Anna and her journey in the following places:

Instagram: anna.bromley.7

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