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Amy Babiarz signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for After The Last Fall

We are delighted to announce that Amy Babiarz has signed a publishing deal with The Unbound Press to release our first ever fiction book, After The Last Fall. Why is this such a great fit for us? Well, it’s all about MAGIC!

There hasn't been magic in Battlewood in 100 years - at least, that's what most people believe. But a few citizens of Battlewood know the truth to be a little different. When Aleca Grimme goes missing, Commander Raznik knows that it has something to do with magic; angry, he tasks Jace Grimme, Aleca's sister, to bring her back home and face her consequences.

As Jace makes her way through the surrounding lands, she begins to realize that not everything is as it seems - and that she and her people have been kept in the dark for the last century. What is being hidden from them, and more importantly, why? When Jace at last confronts Commander Raznik, what she learns changes her life - and Battlewood - forever. Tingles! We can’t wait to find out what happens and we know you’re going to LOVE this magical story.

Amy began her lifelong career as a writer with her first short story at the age of six. She infuses her stories with the inspiration drawn from her work as an advocate and loves to reflect her experiences as a queer woman in the characters that live inside her work.

She currently resides in the less than balmy Finger Lakes region of New York state with her partner, her pets, and shares custody of two Golden Girls Chia pets with her coworker. After The Last Fall is her debut novel and she is so excited to share it with you.

The Unbound Press are over the moon to be working with Amy to release After The Last Fall into the world. As soon as we connected with her, we knew that she was was part of the unbound family and that this book would be the perfect way to launch our fiction arm. Find out more about Amy at:

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