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Episode 157: Good Girl Deprogramming with Michelle Minnikin

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola’s in conversation with magical unbound author Michelle Minnikin about her recently birthed creation ‘Good Girl Deprogramming: Unleash The Rebel Within’ – a transformational book that dives into the insidious ways women are coerced into conforming to a narrow set of behaviours and attitudes, and how they can break free from those constraints.

In this Episode:

  • Why was Michelle called to write Good Girl Deprogramming?

  • How coercive control relates to the idea of the good girl

  • Reading Michelle’s book in community

  • Ways of controlling and keeping us in our box

  • Unbinding from conditioning

  • What journey does Michelle take the reader on?

  • How did Michelle come up with the idea of incorporating a quiz into her book?

  • Michelle’s book-writing process

Links Mentioned:

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