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Zoë K. M. Foster signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are delighted to announce that Zoë K. M. Foster has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her upcoming book, It's Written in the Stars: Poems, Reflections & Transmutations on Becoming, which is an inspirational, immersive multi-sensory art book on embodying your soul’s truest and most expansive expression.

It’s Written in the Stars is a re-experiencing of your soul’s freest expression, before you were chained, conditioned and taught to mistrust your own matter and energies. Some of the themes it will explore in a playful, non-linear and fully immersive way are:

- How to take up space (and why it matters)

- Why you are not really who you *think* you are

- How wisdom is wealthier than knowledge

- What roles connectivity and co-creation play in your fullest expression

- Where the Self truly lies, and why it was never about "you" anyway…

It is for the world’s misfits, rebels, chronic-illness warriors and all of the divine feminine beings who have always secretly understood their limitless, luminous source and interconnection to all, beyond time and space.

Zoë is on a quest to uncover and rebirth the deep soul of our world. As an artist and writer, she brings her fully-embodied soul-self and specific energetic intentions to the canvas, to create immersive, profoundly sensual and multi-sensory, large-scale energy experiences.

She is also the creator of SacredExpression™️ Yoga - a playful, whole-body experience involving life-size paper, coloured pastels, sacred geometry and divine feminine immersion to help you tap into your deepest soul messages and integrate them fully into your conscious, everyday evolution!

As Zoë shares, this book found her; not the other way round! She previously attempted three different academic-style books, based upon what the world seems to expect from a “good author”. But everything in her SOUL was mismatched to this way of expressing what (and how) she really wanted to say… And for the reader/recipient to ultimately experience.

The Unbound Press are beyond excited to be working with Zoë to bring this book into the world! She is a deeply magical soul whose work embodies what it means to be truly unbound. We feel tingles as this book is making itself known!

Find out more about Zoë and her work at:

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