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Unbound Archives Episode 89: How to Share Your Story (even when it feels terrifying!)

This summer, Nicola has something special for the Unbound Writer’s Club – she’s diving into the Unbound Archives, revisiting some of our most powerful and beneficial episodes, helping you get into momentum with your writing and reach a place where you can complete your book. This week, Nicola explores how to share your story, even when fears and doubts bubble up. She’s joined by three inspirational unbound authors – Victoria Smisek, Natalie Farrell and Zoë Foster – who share their wisdom, experiences, advice and encouragement.

In this Episode:

  • Working more in alignment

  • Sharing your story to raise awareness

  • The right platform and place in time to share your story

  • What makes your story so important?

  • Magic, alchemy, authenticity, and going all in

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook.

Connect with Victoria on her website or by email.

We’d love you to share this episode with your friends, community, and anyone you think would enjoy it.

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