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The Power of Connecting To Your UNBOUND Self

In my work as an UNBOUND writing mentor, a huge part of the process is to connect to your UNBOUND self.

Your UNBOUND self is that part of you that knows. She is your essence. She is the wildest, soul-led part of you.

She is your spirit.

She is your fullest, free-est, most magnificent self.

Your UNBOUND self is deeply connected to a limitless sense of potential and possibility. We often lose touch over our lifetimes with the knowing that we are truly UNBOUND, and this exercise is a powerful way to reconnect.


Working with parts is a well used and known practice across many modalities. In the UNBOUND process, meeting your UNBOUND self is a visualisation through meditation. I work with my GLOW Mastermind clients and my UNBOUND writers this way, and encourage them to meet their UNBOUND selves to connect with what she wants to say. Once we make that connection, once we establish in our minds who our UNBOUND self is, it becomes easier to tap into that part of ourselves as we write, as we create, and as we make decisions for living an UNBOUND life.

But be warned: this is a potent practice. Your UNBOUND self might not be as you expect her to be. She may have been silenced for some time. When I found mine, she was witchy, and dark; she was full or rage and uncontrollable. After all, she was all the bits I had suppressed, living a good girl, bound path. Your unbound self may have been denied her voice - your voice - for a very long time. She might be very elemental, raw, and angry, as mine was. But as with everything, your Unbound Self will evolve, she will grow, she will change as you give he space and voice. As you let her, she will show you the Unbound path.

When you recognise and embody your true nature as an unbound woman, you access an unlimited source of power within you." Nicola Humber, UNBOUND

So, are you ready to meet your UNBOUND Self? You can listen to the meditation right here.

What does your UNBOUND Self look like? How does she move? Where does she live? What does she want you to know? Share what you find, UNBOUND One, I can't wait to hear what you find. Nicola x

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