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Sarah Wheeler publishes her second book with The Unbound Press

We are so thrilled to announce that Sarah Wheeler has published her second book with The Unbound Press: Enough! Patriarchy’s Curse of Too Much & Not Enough.

Sarah Wheeler is an advocate for women recovering from the wounds of Patriarchy. She is a Reiki Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Author and founder of You're Enough Yoga in Hove, East Sussex. She is in her greatest joy when empowering women to uncover the medicine of deep rest and embodied movement revealing the truth of being enough, just as we are.

Enough! is a book for every woman who has had enough of Patriarchy.

Enough! is for every woman who has tiptoed the invisible line between believing she is either too much or not enough, or both.

Enough! is a heartfelt guide for acknowledging, exploring and healing Patriarchy’s curse of too much and not enough.

Each chapter offers the chance for readers to slow down, tune in and rest with guided Yoga Nidrā practice, before untangling and breaking free from the beliefs of being too much and not enough.


  • Recovery from perfectionism

  • Developing body acceptance

  • Owning your sexual sovereignty

  • Healing the good girl/busy girl narrative

  • Moving beyond the wounds of emotional and narcissistic abuse

  • Recognising abuse of power in destructive cults

  • Weaving a new relationship to feminine power

The Unbound Press is truly honoured to be working with Sarah to birth her second groundbreaking book: its importance and significance are huge and we know the book’s wisdom is needed by the world now more than ever.

Enough! is available to purchase now here, or anywhere you buy your books online.

You can find out more about Sarah and her work using the details below:

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