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Jessy Paston signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for Release the Wild Within

Jessy Paston is a heart-led, intuitive coach, qualified counsellor, photographer, mum, animal and nature lover. Her purpose in life is to help you get back to YOU; the real you, without the ‘shoulds’ of this world, without the conditions that have been put on you, the real you, without permission or justification but with love and acceptance.

Jessy’s work is based on the idea that at this moment in our society we live life in a way that’s greatly disconnected from what’s important to our Wild Selves. We are conditioned from a young age to chase material things and live in artificial conditions, on the treadmill of what we call life, plod, plod, plodding along.

That’s why she believes we have so much illness in our society. We are physically, emotionally and mentally out of sync with the way we were designed and live in a way that does not energise us. We are not thriving in our modern world but slowly spreading a global pandemic of fake living.

Because of this Jessy turned to the only ones she has a deep connection with, the ones she trusts the most for guidance on life; her dogs, her inner Wolf. Here’s what they shared with her:

‘Those who teach us about humanity aren’t always human

Wolf says remember your love

Your inner strength

You can do this

And together, we shall write it in this book, so others will remember our deep knowing.’

Jessy’s hope is that this book will help you reconnect with your Wild Within, be able to tame it and release it and be the YOU you were meant to be.

The Unbound Press are beyond excited to be working with Jessy who is also a member of the Unbound Writing Mastermind. The message she’s sharing in her first book is so very aligned with the unbound vision of being your fullest, freest self and we can’t wait for Release the Wild Within to be out in the world in the summer of 2020. Find out more about Jessy and her work at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:


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