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How and Why You Should Connect with Your Book

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” ―Elizabeth Gilbert,Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

As UNBOUND writers, we know that our books come through us. They often arrive as an idea, a seed of something more - perhaps in morning pages, a meditation, or even while writing another book as was the case for me, Tara, and Helen.

Or those ideas arrive in an instant, and we know it's a book that's meant for us to write.

In writing our books, the process changes us, the author as well as our readers. It's an alchemical, magical process.

We certainly don't finish a book as the same human that started it, that's for sure.

UNBOUND Writing is a world changing process, one book at a time. Each of those books has their own energy. When we let them, our books show us what they want to say.

They show us how they want to come to life, how they want to be launched, and how they want to take their stage. When we connect with that energy, writing them becomes so much easier. We can connect with what wants to come through, and write what we are being called to share.

Visualisation is such a strong part of the UNBOUND Writing process.

Connecting to your UNBOUND Self is a powerful way to tap into the UNBOUND part of you that wants to speak. Connecting to your book is another tool that I used in the UNBOUND Writing Mastermind to help authors really get into the vibration of the book that wants to come through, and to let the book itself guide the way.

One of the challenges you might have been experiencing up until now, is either having NO clue what to write about or having SO many ideas that you get confused and end up procrastinating.

If there is a specific book that's waiting to come through you right now, it has a unique essence of its own. This practice is about connecting with that book and gaining new insights from it.

The UNBOUND writing journey isn't meant to be a solitary process where you have to figure everything out on your own. This journey can be a creative collaboration between you, your book and your Unbound Self.

Listening to visualisation this will help you to bypass any doubt and connect with a clear sense of purpose in your writing.

You will move from trying to figure it out to a place of KNOWING.

Here is the link. (You can access the Visualisation for free within The Unbound Collective, along with a treasure trove of other free resources). Stay magical, UNBOUND one, Nicola x

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