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How 2020 has Impacted Creativity In Our Writing Community

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

2020 has been quite the year for so many reasons.

As we begin to reflect on what has been a transformative, tumultuous time, some of our authors shared their thoughts on how their own creativity has been affected this year.

"It feels like 2020 has stripped me back to the essence of who I am and what I'm here to share in the world; through all the upheaval, loss and transformation I've connected with new clarity, a deep sense of knowing, that keeps me anchored, even in the midst of SO much uncertainty." Nicola Humber, Founder of The UNBOUND Press, Author of UNBOUND Writing, UNBOUND and Heal Your Inner Good Girl.

"The impact of 2020 events effected my creativity fluctuating between being completely unable to activate or motivate myself to create anything and having a flow of beautiful, deeply connected energy to Mother Earth creative magic! Angie Northwood, Author of Take Off Your Armour and Have a a Cup of Tea.

"I have spent more time alone in 2020 than ever before, so had the space to deep dive into myself on a whole new level. As I have gone into deeper spaces of healing and awareness my creativity has flourished as it's been what I have intuitively needed as an outlet to express what came up. In fact, it has been the only thing potent enough to capture all that I have experienced from my inner journeying". Tara Jackson, Author of Embodied Business

"At times it’s been hard to find my muse and to feel able to put my energy into my creativity but, conversely, when I have been able to create, I’ve been a bit more spontaneous and taken a few more risks. Embracing the uncertainty of this year means giving things a go that I might otherwise have kept back for ‘the right time’."Anna Sansom, Author of Desire Lines


Earlier on this year, in the very first UNBOUND Womxn Live chat, I gathered together three of our UNBOUND Press authors to chat about creativity during 2020.

In this wonderful discussion listen in on Angie Northwood, Tara Jackson, Jo Gifford, and myself as we sit in circle and have a dialogue about creativity, Corona, and 2020.


As always, this is a conversation between all of us in the UNBOUND family. Whether you are an author with us, a reader of our books, a writer, part of our Unbound Writers Club podcast community or the Unbound Book Club, here at the UNBOUND Press your voice matters too, in every conversation. We would love to hear what your experience of creativity has been in 2020.

Feel free to use the journal prompts below, and tag us on social media on Facebook or Instagram with your thoughts and reflections.

  • One thing I learned about myself in 2020.

  • The challenging experience that turned into a gift.

  • This was a breakthrough moment for me.

  • Lessons from lockdown.

  • What inspired me in 2020.

  • How I took an unexpected new direction this year.

  • How I was more unbound than ever in 2020.

  • A forgotten part of me I uncovered this year.

  • What living through a global pandemic led me to realise.

  • How I felt activated by the BLM movement in 2020.

  • The clarity that’s come through the chaos.

  • What I want you to know right now. With much love and gratitude for you being here with us, right now. Nicola and The Unbound Press team. x

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