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Episode 9: Two Ways to Create Structure Whilst Writing in an UNBOUND Way

In this episode, Nicola talks about the dichotomy of writing in an UNBOUND way, whilst feeling the need to create structure. In this episode:

  • How the word “should” is a warning sign

  • Trusting the process of not needing to have a structure as your book comes through

  • Often a structure drops later in the process of writing when we allow ourselves to sit with the mess of writing

  • How the structure of Nicola’s book, UNBOUND, became clear late in the writing process

  • How to sit with the desire to create structure and be present with the magic of the mess in the unknowing

  • How books don’t need to look the way we are told they “should”

  • Ask the yourself what journey you would like to take your reader on

  • What brings them to your book, and what are they looking to experience from reading your book?

  • Your journey for the reader in your book has room for magic and can take many forms

  • Consider your own journey and your own story over your lifetime

  • Merging your story and the journey of your readers allows for magic to happen

  • Give yourself permission to tell your story in a different way

  • Even with a structure in place, you don’t have to write in a linear way

  • Your book and your UNBOUND Self might have different ideas about how to write

  • A huge part of the UNBOUND book writing process is to allow yourself to be guided 

  • When you allow yourself to sit with times of not knowing, the book has a powerful, transformational experience to it

  • Structure can also be created through a process that you use in your work as a structure for your book

  • “The key thing is always to leave space for magic”

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