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Episode 102: Shakti Farts & Belly Laughs: What Really Happens When Wild Women Gather

This episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club is a bumper one, celebrating the release of our latest collaborative book ‘Shakti Farts & Belly Laughs: What really happens when wild women gather’. Shakti Farts is about a group of magical women who gather on retreat in Glastonbury in the aftermath of Covid. Listen in as Nicola chats to each unbound woman who contributed to the book. Indeed, she’s also one of the contributors.

In this Episode:

  • Triggers and insecurities that come with being in community at a retreat

  • Heart and head battles: breaking free and embracing connection versus anxiety

  • Concern about how you’re going to be judged

  • Creativity loves a sense of laughter, fun, playfulness, and letting go

  • The fear of going into collective spaces

  • A different kind of retreat with no rigid structure or leader

  • A co-created experience that ebbed and flowed

  • The fear of missing out

  • The feeling of the black sheep

  • Being courageously yourself, whatever that entails

  • Celebrating and honouring women in business

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Music Credit: Joseph McDade

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