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Anna Sansom signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for Desire Lines.

Anna Sansom signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for Desire Lines. 

Anna Sansom, PhD, has spent the last two decades dividing her time between being a health researcher for universities, working as a sexual surrogate partner, writing sex/life features for a national magazine, and having her erotic stories published. Her ongoing commitment to exploring and writing about alternative perspectives of women’s sexuality is fuelled by her frustrations at the limiting and restricting representations offered in the mainstream media. Desire Lines is the culmination of her experiences and is a co-creation with Lilith: the untamed, intuitive and free aspect of every woman.  

Desire Lines is for any woman who wants to know more about who she is as a sexual being, and who longs to express this part of herself on her own terms. She does not want to simply reflect back the image of sexuality she has been shown by society. She is ready to find out her own sexual truths and to step into these - seeking out and following her own, unique desire lines. 

Through sharing stories of her own sexual journey, along with evocative erotica and reflective questions, Anna invites you to explore and create a map of your own desires. Bold, challenging and inspiring, Desire Lines contains graphic language and descriptions of sex and sexuality, including kink and BDSM, gender and body non-conformity, lust and love.

The Unbound Press are excited to be working with Anna, who was a member of the first round of the Unbound Writing Mastermind last year. Desire Lines is completely aligned with our unbound vision and we can’t wait to help release this incredible book into the world later this summer.

Find out more about Anna and Desire Lines at:

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